Target elements without classes

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Why did I need to target classless elements?

In making this blog site, I want to style content that comes from markdown files. I found a nice trick to apply styles to the elements that don’t have any classes one them—aka coming from the markdown content.

I can do this by combining the not() and attribute selectors. For example, if I want to target any paragraph without a class, it would look like this:

p:not([class]) {
  margin: 1rem 0;

Why :not()

:not() is a negation pseudo-class. So whatever you put in it, it will look for things that are not that thing.

Your best friend Attribute Selectors

Attribute selectors are really powerful. They can check for a whole bunch of different things. But in this case, we can use them to detect if class is placed on the element. In this case we don't care which or how many classes are used.